The man behind Mr. Nathan Nix is self publishing a novel in the very near future. He honored me immensely by asking me to read a draft and design a cover. This will be my first book cover, and I have to say, I’m completely thrilled. I have always been obsessed with book design, and hope that I am up to the task. We shall see…

If you haven’t checked out the All-Americana website, You SHOULD! Trust me. Nix has an amazing brain in that hansom head of his, and he uses it for good. !

Here’s a little blurb in Nix’s own words to describe his site. Seriously check it out and spend a couple hours exploring.

‘All Americana is not a site about Americana music. Not exclusively, at least. It is more encompassing than that. It explores how we tell the American tale, whether through words, photos, music, dance, acting, or on a physical canvas’

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I recently made a series of images for the Houston Based band The 71′s, which they used as the album art work for their most recent record  We Are the Seventy Ones.

I struggled a lot with the images for this project, but ultimately stumbled upon something that, I think, looks pretty cool. I made these images by creating a ton of rorschachs with Speedball ink and vellum, folded, pressed and printed in 110lbs cardstock. I then cut them all out with and x-acto and assembled them into 6 different collages. (one of which was destroyed at the print shop while being scanned in the large format scanner)


Come One – Come All

New dyptic Posters for Mills-McCoins Rock’n'Roll Circus.

This evening of follies and delight was conceved by Houston writer/mad man, John Mills-McCoin, thus the name of the event, and will be held at Houston landmark

 The Orange Show for Visionary Art. .

200 Limited Edition 3 screen posters were printed on newsprint for wheat paste. They will not be for sale, but they will be going up around the Houston area this week, so please if you see one take a cool pic and instagram or tweet it. I would love to see um.

There will be other merch avaliable at the show that will be made specifically for the Circus, So please come and support your local bands and artists

Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Purchase them online at

Check out the event on faceboook at

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The UPS guy showed up today!!!

ink, emulsion and more... oh my

Austin, Texas

3rd Annual Mix ‘n’ Mash Exhibit & Art Sale December 2, 2011 – January 3, 2012

Over 100 artists contribute to this annual fundraiser for Mexic-Arte Museum: each contributes an original 12×12 the sales of which benefit the Museum. By purchasing and combining 12x12s, patrons create their own Mix ‘n’ Mash collection

Guess who’s one of those hundred!

Number 2. The Bird Machine – Chigaco, Il – Jay Ryan

whimsical and unique. I’m gonna let pictures do the taking here.

screen number 1

screen number 4

screen number 5

screen number 6

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Blackie Dammit Ideas

I was asked this week by one of my favorite human beings Darren Lee front man of Blackie Dammit to supply some work for their debut album. Naturally I instantly said yes, well kinda screamed it as we were in a loud Houston bar, but I digress. I haven’t heard any music from this new band yet, but my first instinct was to do something uber sexual, dirty, gritty, rock and rollie. When I sat down to sketch though, something else entirely happened. It’s probably gonna be a while till I nail down what is in my head, but here are the first proper layouts, not even really inked yet. Been swamped with the sessions -pun intended!

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I’ve been asked to head up the art work on a Houston based project called The Swamp Sessions. It’s basically a handful of uber talented Houston based musicians trading and performing each others songs. So what I have been doing so far is just sitting in while they record taking pictures and drinking cocktails. I am currently trying to figure out how to live up to the expectations I have put upon myself now. This is the first time I have ever done all the work for an album + I really respect the project and the people involved + all the precedes go to charity, so basically I just want it to be the best thing I’ve ever done. My fantasy is for the images to be saturated with an earthyness, yet very modern and slightly hippstery… ahem… heavy sigh…….. Its driving me bat shit crazy! Why can’t I just be as good as everyone thinks I am. My only comfort is that I’m pretty sure everyone thinks that every now and then… at least I hope so.

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I have been struggling about what exactly to post about on this blog. Everything I think of seems so trite, but last night a friend of mine suggested a couple of things, one being my influences. I relish talking about other artists I like, (specially poster artists) Naturally I’m thinkin’ my friends got better ideas than me. soooo, here it goes.

I’m gonna be posting micro bios of artists that in my humble opinion are the creme de la creme. The guys that make me want to work even harder. I’m going to start with a poster artist, and frankly I will probably focus on poster art, but Im not limiting myself to that. Basically who knows who I’m gonna think of week to week….but now I am just procrastinatng and babbling so. Drum roll, here I go.

Number 1. The Small Stakes – Oakland, Ca  –   Jason Munn

Jason Munn recived his BFA in art not design, he had no intention of being a poster designer until he attended a Flatstock, I believe. (google Flatstock if you don’t know what it is, trust me) After seeing the splendor of the silkscreened mecca he decided that that’s what he was gonna do, he promptly packed up and moved to Cali and started printing posters with found images under the moniker The Small Stakes. And start small he did, as all of us do, making posters for his friends, slowly for clubs and then the almighty promoters. After a while the Small Stakes wernt so small no more. Munn’s now the Godfather of minimalistic music posters. Every one he makes is so simplistically brilliant it makes you (at least me) wanna beat your head in and scream WHY COULDN”T I THINK OF THAT. His images are almost nothing, but they say everything. No crowding, simply simple. They are, he is, Genius. Jason Munn is now and always will be my number one favorite poster artist.

Client List includes The Alamo Drafthouse, Modest Mouse, Sonic Youth, The Walkmen, Death Cab for Cutie, Nada Surf and Andrew Bird to name a few.

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Today I attempt to start this blog for the second time. 
With any hope this will be better. Ahem...

Ashley 2010


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